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May 2012

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Brensan Designs

Cindy Taylor Oats

Two Blonde Mice

Elise's Back Porch Designs

Me and My Sister

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Triangles On A Roll

Quilts Illustrated-Penny Sturges

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Special Events:

PARTY!!It’s Zoe’s 12th anniversary. The traditional gift is pearls. What will it be for Zoe’s?  There will be fun, bargains, prizes, and CAKE!!!! Come in and find out!!  Watch your e-mail for more details soon!  PARTY!!
Friday, Oct 12 thru Saturday, Oct 13

Our Special November Event:  One week before Thanksgiving is designated “National Clean Out Your Fridge Day”. Here at Zoe’s, we clean out some other shelves – the ones with FAT QUARTERS!! All pre-cut fat quarters, halves, and end of bolt pieces are 40% off.
Thursday, Nov 15

HAPPY THANKSGIVING:    We’ll be closing early - 2PM on Wed, Nov 21 for that oh so important pie baking. We’ll be closed Thurs, Nov 24 to spend time with our families. Enjoy that turkey! Stop in on Friday and Saturday for a little quilt therapy after all the hustle and bustle!                              

Mark Your Calendars:   Each December, on the 13th of the month, we offer our gift certificates at 13% off – it makes it soooo easy for your loved ones! Start dropping hints and leaving little notes everywhere!!!!  We’ll even mail the gift certificates so they arrive in time for Christmas!!
                                                          Thursday, Dec 13

Merry Christmas:
We’ll be closing at 2PM on Mon, Dec 24 for our employees to spend Christmas Eve with their families.  We’ll be closed on Christmas, Tues, Dec 25. Enjoy this special time of year with your loved ones.  Be sure and take time for sewing!  We’ll be using the same schedule for New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day.

Inventory Clearance Sale:    It’s the end of the year again. Time for our annual inventory clearance sale!  All fabric on bolts will be 26% off! It’s a good time to shop for all those quilt backings you’ve been putting off.
                               Wed, Dec 26 thru Saturday, Dec 29









2012 Zoe's Trunk Group Updates

Our "Cups & Saucers" group meets every other month-on the second Saturday. This an informal group starting at 9 AM. We share news about our sewing projects, a cup of tea and a treat. Each month we will feature a new project with a kit.

Join us June 9th to learn more about "Cups & Saucers" and share your talents.


Roberta Bowen, our favorite Quilt and American History instructor has a new project planned for 2012 that will center on the early women pioneers of Arizona.

Our Arizona History and Quilt Study is held the second Saturday of each month at 10:30 AM.








Cotton Club

Our next stunning 19th century Block of the Month - Cotton Club



Quilters know cotton! Quilters love cotton! Quilters buy cotton, almost exclusively!!! The renewed multi-million dollar quilting market has put quality cotton on the map. But there is a “perfect storm” that has come together affecting every consumer on the earth today, especially our quilting world.

In a recent article in the American Quilt Retailer, Jim Salinas, Sales Associate for Moda Fabrics, provides some interesting insight for retailers and consumers. Please read the entire article here.

Basically, there are three or four issues converging that will have a strong effect on our quilt world.

  • Extreme weather conditions in the major cotton producing areas, including Texas, Pakistan and China.
  • The weakening economic conditions of our US dollar plus the increasing value of currency in China and India.
  • Increased prices on import tariffs, fuel and labor.
  • Speculative markets that have such a strong influence on goods such as cotton (as well as cattle, grain, and other important necessities.)

We don’t need a George Clooney movie to see what the convergence of these factors as well as several more (political issues) are doing to the cost of our beloved cotton.

While these conditions are going to increase the price for fabric, batting and thread, there are some good things to bear in mind. The price of printed fabric over the past 20 years has been held to a  44% increase as compared to the 284% rise in the cost of a loaf of bread or a nearly 400% increase for a gallon of gasoline. Another point, one that we quilters have taken a lot of heat for in recent years, is the fact that we are the original recyclers! We have built fabric stashes, including scraps that would make our ancestors proud and will certainly help us adjust to the increasing costs of creating our beautiful quilts. These stashes are seeds for more creativity and we love the challenge of incorporating fabric from your stash with new fabrics for your projects!

We also encourage you to read this article with statements from our fabric sources, so that you will have a better understanding of our position as a retailer.  


Put these group meeting dates & times on your calendar:

  • Don't forget Zoe's Sew-in held the second Friday of each month. 6 PM to 12 AM.
  • A Quilter's Day (Block of the Month) is held the 2nd Saturday of every month, 10 to 11:30 AM.
  • Cups and Saucers meets the 2nd Saturday (February, April, June, August & December) at 9 AM.




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